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Our Vision

The Slat Gap Covers used in the pig production, is today our biggest success. A product, which helps many pig producing farmers to comply with rules and regulations, set forth by, among others, environmentally and animal welfare organizations.

We shall continue to develop new products for various areas, - all products, which within their own field, functionally will distance themselves from any existing products.

Our aim is to take responsibility of the entire supply chain; – straight from the production to the end user.

In our opinion, in the world today many producers choose the short and direct route to the end user. We do acknowledge however, than in many instances we do depend upon wholesalers/distributors with local eyes and knowledge of rules and regulations set in forth by their government and/or environmentally organizations.

bjd is always looking for partners for as well our production as for our sales, – and you are always welcome to contact Brian Johannsen at info@bjd.dk​​​

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