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Floor Slap Gap Cover

Farmers who have a pig production will from the 1st of January 2013 be met with further demands from the EU to concrete floors with full opening gaps.

The company bjd in Ribe, Denmark, can now assist farmers with a new Floor Slat Gap Cover, which is very easy to use and simple to mount without any use of tools. If you mount it next to the feeding trough, it can save you money, because the feed will not fall down into the slurring pits, but stay on the floor, and the pigs will eat it all up. When first mounted, the pigs will have no opportunity ribbing it off the floor again, and no screws will be loose, and end up in a pig stomach or in the pig slurry.

  • We are talking about a Danish invented and produced produkt
  • The Floor Slat Gap Cover is very easy to mount without machines or screws. The only thing that can be used, is if you prefer a rubber mallet to gently slide the Floor Slat Gap Cover into place.
  • The Floot Slat Gap Cover is made of a type of plastic that is resistant to the hard environment of a pig pen. The plastic type is called PE HD.
  • We can deliver the Floor Slat Gap Cover in lenghts of up to 4 meters, and in the color black.

We have two types of Floor Slat Gap Covers, one that fits openings between 18-22 mm, and one that fits openings of 14-16 mm.
We can deliver the product within a 2 weeks' notice

We are now working with a production of entertaining material for pigs.

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