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Floor Slap Gap Cover

The agricultural production of pigs within the EU as well as in many other countries around the world is experiencing an increased amount of restrictions from animal welfare and environmentally organizations. These rules are in many cases set forth by the local governments. To comply with these rules many farmers, especially pig farmers, have to invest in upgrading their slatted concrete floors.

 The Danish company bjd in Ribe has since 2013 produced and delivered Slat Gap Covers to pig farmers all over Europe, as well as many overseas countries. With these special invented Slat Gap Covers, which can be placed directly in the gaps in the concrete floor, practically without any use of tools other than a rubber mallet, many pig farmers have been able to comply with the new rules, without having to invest a lot of money. The alternative to this solution is to install a brand new and very expensive concrete floor.

  • Facts:

  • The Slat Gap Cover is a Danish produced product with a patented “click-in” system for a fast and secure installation.

  • The Slat Gap Cover is very easy to install in the slatted floor, without having to use heavy tools, machines or even screws. A rubber mallet will do the job! See our “how to install” instructions at the bottom of this page. Instructions are also attached to each pallet.

  • The Slat Gap Cover comes in three sizes to fit gaps of 14-18 mm, 18-24 mm and 24-35 mm. The larger one can also be used in cow houses!

  • The Slat Gap Cover is a sturdy product, produced from environmentally granulated plastic material. The finished product is of the same quality as for instance plastic water supply pipes.

  • The Slat Gap Cover is supplied as standard in lengths of 1,20 meter, mainly to fit EUR pallets, as well as in 2,50 meter. We can actually supply in various lengths depending upon quantity.

  • The Slat Gap Cover is produced in black plastic with either a smooth or a ribbed top.

  • The Slat Gap Cover is produced continuously, and can under normal circumstances be delivered within a few weeks.

  • If you need some help or advise for the installation of the Slat Gap Covers, you are welcome to contact bjd at any time.

  • Save you money : Install Slat Gap Cover around the feeding trough, feed will not fall down into the slurring 

  • Convert slatted flooring to solid areas very easy

  • Avoid reducing straw in the slurry

  • Demands from EU to concrete floors with full opening gaps.

  • For further information please contact Brian Johannsen by phone +45 2370 2011 or by e-mail on

For further information:

Contact Brian Johannsen +45 2370 2011​

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